Web-based Compliance Tool: 340B helps teams more easily manage, organize, track and report self-audit activities.

Hospitals nationwide struggle to manage 340B Program compliance due to evolving and expanding regulations and lack of staff or expertise. Consequences of noncompliance range from monetary penalties to the devastating possibility of Program Ineligibility. Compliance Tool: 340B can go a long way in helping you to protect your 340B Program now and in the future.

Stay on top of complex, expanding regulations

Oversight of the 340B Program has historically been complex, and in 2016 the rules and regulations will change yet again. Staying on top of constantly changing requirements is an important priority, and yet many hospitals struggle to keep up. Our Compliance Tool: 340B provides hospitals the most current compliance information and self-audit tool so you can stay current and fulfill your self-audit requirements quickly and easily. You will also benefit from keeping compliance documentation organized and easily accessible.

Quick to start, easy to use

PharmacyStars teamed up with Visante’s 340B experts to create a tool that gives you information you need, when you need it, in a remarkably simple application. You and your staff will appreciate how easy it is to get started with Compliance Tool: 340B and to manage it over time. You’ll see immediate improvements in your ability to conduct self-audits and maintain compliance on a daily basis, and you’ll enjoy peace of mind that comes with confidence in your compliance position.

Access to industry-leading compliance experts

The Visante 340B team includes the industry’s most experienced experts with an excellent track record of results. Together, they’ve supported more than 120 different covered entities with compliance reviews, audit preparation and other expert services. We’ve packaged much of their expertise into the Compliance Tool:340B.

They are also available to you for expanded consulting services should the need arise.

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