Image: Garbed compounder documents quality control activities within Compounding 360 while in the buffer room.

Your USP 795, 797 and 800 compliance program gets done with Compounding360.

  • You have an enormous job ensuring your organization complies with the ever changing requirements of the State Boards, Department of health, FDA, CMS, USP, URAC, TJC, OSHA, 340B and more. Multiply that workload when you have responsibility for an entire enterprise of dozens of hospitals and thousands of employees.
  • You never know when you will be inspected. You must pass. Failure may cost your job and at a minimum is embarrassing.
  • Like most Compliance Leaders, you turned to software to help. Problem is most software actually makes it harder, not easier. That just is not right!

Legacy USP compliance software is too simplified to support your compliance program your way.

  • Boxes you in. Oversimplified.
    • Without ability customize the entire workflow, you get stuck with never exactly right and awkwardly worded criteria. 
    • Data exports are so basic, it takes lots of manual work to make sense of it.
    • One size fits all email alerts just get ignored and work is missed.
    • Generic task lists confuse staff on who does what.
  • Works you to death with repetition. Disjointed.
    • Didactic training requires a second user name/password and is not reported with observational competencies.
    • Multiple sign-ins to manage multiple sites.
    • Hundreds of hours copy-n-pasting when you just want a custom task as a standard across all sites.
  • Almost like driving a jalopy. Outdated.
    • No video-based training.
    • Pop-up windows, no autosaves, and ability to correct mistakes.
    • Can’t modify training or upload your own videos.
    • Less secure user authentication.

You deserve better, so we created the revolutionary Compounding360.

  • Freedom to do it your way. Highly customizable
    • Customize the template, answers, workflow logic, alerts, reports and more
    • Clone and modify expert training or build your own training lessons and courses
    • Use role and shift based worklists to make it easier to use for your staff
  • Get time back. Built for the enterprise.
    • Update your standards everywhere in one click from a single source of truth
    • With one single sign on, access every one of your facilities records, training, reports, SOPS, templates and more
    • Real-time enterprise wide benchmarks and scorecards in less than 15 seconds
    • Search and retrieve quality control, batch, competency, environmental monitoring records in under 20 seconds.
    • Data exports you can use quickly
  • Someone who listens to you. Highly innovative and responsive.
    • New releases at least quarterly
    • Customer driven innovations in every release (e.g. the ability to correct records for a limited time period with full correction audit trail)
    • Phone, email, and full-fledged service desk with ticketing to rapidly respond to service requests or new ideas
    • Both Technical and Administrative support

Those are just a few of the reasons why more than 95% of enterprise compliance leaders who have been using the leading legacy compounding compliance software upgrade to Pharmacy Stars QMS Compounding360 module after getting a demo and a price quote.

Did you know? More than 1,000 staff upgrade from legacy compounding compliance software to Compounding360 every month.

Get up and running in 4 Steps:

  1. Starting with expert templates, training, SOPs and rules logic,  we  customize to fit your practice and program design
  2. Deploy to each of your facilities
  3. Train Super users and then staff
  4. Make official cutover, wipe training data

Everything in one place. 

  • Quality Control
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Training & Observational Competencies
  • USP Chapter 795, 797 and 800 Standard Operating Procedures
  • HD drug list
  • Master Formulary Records and Labels
  • Batch Compound Records
  • Record Management
  • Trend Based Graphs & Reporting
  • Scorecards & Benchmarking
  • Email Alerts