Vision: Every pharmacy operates with best-practices, assuring patients safe, effective and accessible medicines, efficiently via pharmacy operation automation.

Mission: We help enterprise pharmacy leaders achieve their compliance goals with greater certainty and efficiency. We achieve this through employing motivated, service-minded team members, continuously innovating cloud-based software and widely promulgating best practices, training and content.

Our Founding Team:

Keith Streckenbach, MBA: Board Member and serving as CEO and ISO, Keith leads technology, product development and sales leveraging his many years of experience designing, building and delivering high-availability, HIPAA-compliant software as a service solutions for health system pharmacies.

Susan Streckenbach, MLIS: Managing Member and serving as Chief Operating Officer,  Susan leads administration and operations of our rapidly growing enterprise, continuously improving our processes of delivery, support and operations to delight our team and customers.

The Experts: Visante

Visante Logo

We’ve teamed up with Visante, the best in the “Business of Pharmacy,” to bring best practices to every practice.

Visante is an interdisciplinary firm of healthcare professionals who know how to make medicines work for healthcare organizations. We understand the business of compliant medicines management.

Established in 1999, Visante now has more than 60 senior level consultants in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Learn more about Visante’s People

Visante 340B Drug Discount Program Support Current 340B program participants will benefit from our 340B Integrity Assessment and Audit-Readiness Review designed in response to the recently authorized 340B audits coming out of HRSA and the Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA). Healthcare organizations that are new to this program will benefit from Visante’s 340B covered entity assessment. We will help you to complete your application and set up the required compliant systems and supporting policies and procedures. Use this link for more information about Visante’s overall experience with assisting clients with 340B Program compliance.  You may also download a pdf of Visante’s 340B Integrity Assessments and Audit Readiness Reviews.

RESOURCE PAGE with links to all Visante 340B Drug Discount Program Support materials.

Visante’s Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding Consulting Services:

Our experts prepare you for compliance with USP Chapters 797 and 800, and will assist you in passing inspections by CMS, FDA, DEA and The Joint Commission. Our services include:

  • USP 797: Gap analysis and planning
  • USP 800: Gap analysis and planning
  • Facility design, including redesign, improvements or new design
  • Improved operational policies and procedures
  • Analysis of insourcing and outsourcing opportunities

RESOURCES PAGE with links to all Visante Sterile Compounding materials.

Visante’s Drug Diversion Consulting Prevention & Readiness Services Drug diversion must be a multidisciplinary program that will protect patients, practitioners and employees, and uncover diversion attempts as quickly as possible Visante’s multidisciplinary team provides a comprehensive approach with real-world solutions to combat drug diversion.

  • Drug diversion audit
  • Drug diversion program assessment
  • Drug diversion program development and implementation support

RESOURCE PAGE with links to all Visante Drug Diversion Support materials.