One Compliance leader aligns more than 1,000 staff to new COVID-19 policies in hours.  

Faced with the imminent issue of running out of PPE due to COVID-19 this March, one of our customers crafted PPE flowcharts, policies and training. She fast tracked approval through her corporate committee. And then she faced the daunting task of not only, getting the new policies and training in place across nearly two dozen facilities, she need to ensure more than a thousand pharmacy staff were trained on the new policies. Thankfully, with Pharmacy Stars QMS enterprise software, all from one screen, she disseminated her organization specific COVID-19 PPE policies and assigned the training to more than 1,000 pharmacy personnel. It almost felt magical. She was hailed as a hero. And she is one!

With the deployment of PPE conservation policies, another pharmacy compliance leader, instituted weekly surface sampling across 26 facilities. She also deployed a continuous CFU monitoring rule with alerts to stay in synch with potential contamination trends as they happen so she can intervene swiftly.  With Pharmacy Stars help, she got this done in under 2 hours. How could you get more compliance done faster with Pharmacy Stars?   Schedule Demo 

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