Welcome! Join hundreds of health system pharmacy leaders modernizing their outdated electronic or paper-based compliance programs. 

They selected the only enterprise, cloud-based approach to pharmacy quality management, compliance and training. Pharmacy Stars QMS. They use it as part of their compliance programs addressing 795/797/800, 340B, Joint Commission, URAC, controlled substance diversion and more.  

Our customers are lead by the world’s most conscientious pharmacy leaders who provide their staff expert tools. 

 Our customers, many whom are leading integrated health systems – take compliance seriously. They know that compliance requires constant vigilance and substantial effort. They also know that a standardized, structured approach is paramount to staying compliant. They do not hamstring their team with highly inefficient tools (paper + Excel + shared drives + email + manual analysis or non-enterprise web based applications) to manage compliance and record keeping. Rather, they provide their teams the most customizable, enterprise platform that includes Visante expertise and SOPs, LMS, real-time compliance dashboards, KPI-driven scorecards, task reminders, exception notifications and centralized, readily retrievable records to make quality and compliance more certain  – and all in one place.

We are on a mission.

We help enterprise pharmacy leaders achieve their compliance goals with greater certainty and efficiency. We achieve this through employing motivated, service-minded team members, continuously innovating cloud-based software and widely promulgating best practices, training and content.

The Pharmacy StarsTM Enterprise QMS Platform

The Pharmacy StarsTM Enterprise QMS Platform is the only and most customizable, enterprise platform incorporating Visante’s best practices expertise for health systems. At a high level it is:

  • Web-based enterprise, regulatory compliance and training application
  • Specialized for large multi-site pharmacy operations
  • Highly customizable templates, workflows and rules
  • Includes continuously updated Visante SOPs, training and templates.
  • Everything is stored securely and reliably in the cloud, all in one place.

Our customers tell us why they choose Pharmacy Stars

They enjoy knowing everything is securely stored in one place and quick to retrieve.

With everything in one place, and cataloged for quick retrieval, our customers can find what they need in under 30 seconds usually. Documentation, reports, certifications, policies and procedures, contracts and more – all in one place – really reduces stress when inspectors ask for proof.


Matching practice to policy drives the customization. It is not good enough to just have the ability to customize the name and questions of a template. With Pharmacy Stars, you can customize the entire workflow from template, review criteria, user interaction, alerts, logic driven triage to reporting, dashboards and automated scorecard delivery. No more having to tolerate good enough, now your workflows and templates get customized to fit like a glove to your organization’s policies and practice. This includes training and more. Get a demo to see how your peers are customizing their Pharmacy Stars QMS and modules.

They never miss what matters … without all the noise.

Customizable, specific rules-based alerts get sent to whomever needs to know, and nobody else. We are told that these automated alerts on excursions, risk and overdue tasks, competencies coming due and more make it easy to keep tabs on everything without being overwhelmed.

They directly influence our ongoing innovation.

Innovations like customizable, automated compliance surveillance, a single platform for all pharmacy compliance, and real-time data feedback came from customers.

Pharmacy Stars modules are kept current by recognized experts.

The Visante 340B, Compounding, Diversion and Medicines Management teams include many of the industry’s most experienced experts with an excellent track record of results. Pharmacy Stars teamed up with Visante to create the first of its kind pharmacy quality management system with a suite of customizable compliance tools that collect and give you information you need, when you need it and how you need it in a remarkably simple application. We’ve packaged much of their expertise into our applications. Visante keeps the content current with ever changing requirements.

They find it easy to get started, keep current and quick to deliver value.  

After several hours of administrator training, many of our customers train their staff on how to use our applications in under 7 minutes. Then, in as little as one day, they have reported immediate improvements in their ability to identify and remedy non-compliant issues.  No IT integration or support is required either.

We pass their stringent security audit reviews. Pharmacy Stars is very secure, durable and resilient. 
  • 100% cloud-based
  • HITRUST, SOC II, SOCIII Certified Data Center
  • FIPS-140-2 and FedRAMP Certified
  • AES-256 data encryption in-transit, in-process and at-rest
  • Argon2iD hashing cryptography
  • High Availability with RTO and RPO = 0 Minutes
  • Unlimited encrypted data storage
  • ADFS, SAML 2.0 supported
  • 2FA optional