Compounding360 in use in a ISO 7 rated buffer room on a wi-fi connected iPad.

In just 6 steps, you can get up and running in as little as 3 hours and train staff in under 7 minutes. 

Six steps to transform how you do compliance:

  1. Complete onboarding package to match practice to policy
  2. Customize training leveraging existing courses and amending with yours.
  3. Review and revise initial build with Pharmacy Stars expert
  4. Train Super Users and deploy in training mode
  5. Train staff
  6. Cutover to production.

Pharmacy Stars experts are with you every step of the process and support you administratively and technically whenever needed. Start by getting your free demo.  

One Compliance leader aligns 3,000 staff to new COVID-19 policies in hours.  

With Pharmacy Stars QMS enterprise software, at the click of the mouse, she disseminated her organization specific COVID-19 PPE policies and training to more than 3,000 pharmacy personnel. It almost felt magical. Another pharmacy compliance leader, instituted weekly surface sampling across 26 facilities. She also deployed a continuous CFU monitoring rule with alerts to stay in synch with potential contamination trends as they happen so she can intervene swiftly.  WIth Pharmacy Stars help, she got this done in under 2 hours. How could you get more compliance done faster with Pharmacy Stars?  It takes less than 6 hours to get implemented and trained. Start by getting your free demo.  

How do we help you use compliance to protect lives? 

When your compliance programs are followed and continuously improved, you protect more lives of patients and providers. Our obsession is helping you remove obstacles, automate out inefficiencies and deliver an agile and dynamic compliance program across any size or scale of healthcare enterprise.  We both know compliance continuously changes and you need a very flexible system to rapidly put your updated policies into practice.  We have built our company to support our obsessions. Work with us and you’ll find highly motivated, service-minded team members, continuous software and training innovation and an entire team committed to you. Start by getting your free demo.  

The Pharmacy StarsTM Enterprise QMS Platform

The Pharmacy StarsTM Enterprise QMS Platform is the only and most customizable, enterprise platform incorporating Visante’s best practices expertise for health systems. At a high level it is:

  • Web-based enterprise compliance and training platform
  • Specialized for large multi-site pharmacy operations
  • Highly customizable templates, workflows and rules
  • Continuously updated Visante SOPs, training and templates.
  • Everything is stored securely and reliably in the cloud, all in one place.
  • Unlimited encrypted storage.
Every customer requires stringent security audit reviews. We pass 100%. Pharmacy Stars is very secure, durable and resilient. 
  • 100% cloud-based solely within the United States
  • HITRUST, SOC II, SOCIII Certified Data Center
  • Multiple layers of intrusion detection and prevention
  • AES-256 data encryption in-transit, in-process and at-rest
  • Argon2iD hashing cryptography
  • High Availability with full redundancy
  • Unlimited encrypted data storage
  • True SSO. ADFS, SAML 2.0 supported

Start by getting your free demo.  

Our customers are lead by the world’s most conscientious pharmacy leaders who provide their staff expert tools. More than 12,000 staff have switched to Pharmacy Stars already.

 Our customers, many whom are leading integrated health systems – take compliance seriously. They know that compliance requires constant vigilance and substantial effort. They also know that a standardized, structured approach is paramount to staying compliant. They do not hamstring their team with highly oversimplified tools to manage compliance and record keeping. Rather, they provide their teams the most customizable, enterprise platform that includes Visante expertise and SOPs, LMS, real-time compliance dashboards, KPI-driven scorecards, task reminders, rules engines, exception notifications and centralized, readily retrievable records to make quality and compliance more certain  – and all in one place. Start by getting your free demo.